Field Detail
Theme Fisheries and Aquaculture
Code F-FS-3.3
Sub-theme Sustainable livelihoods and food security.
Name Per capita fish consumption (kg/year)
Calculation/Formula Estimated annual total consumption (kg) of fish / total population
Unit of Measure Kg/year
Limitations Do we record the whole-fish equivalent or actual consumption? Do we include consumption of imported and/or canned fish?
Purpose/Rationale Identify the importance of fisheries for food security. To cross-check production data. Measures whether export growth is at expense of local nutrition. Measure the potential for import-substitution
Policy Linkages Food security, nutrition and health
Preferred Data Sources HIES – income/expenditure (consumption) diaries
Alternative_Data Sources Supplementary module – daily diet diaries
Census - HIES - DHS tag HIES
Primary Data Collection System Survey - National Statistics Office
Frequency of Data Collection 5 years
SPC Responsibility - Data Management CFP
Notes Good to separate consumption of canned from fresh fish? For fresh fish consumed, we need a conversion factor from whole fish to actual consumption (i.e. to measure what is actually consumed).
SPC Programme FAME
Link to SPC Division Plan CFP.2. & CFP.3
Numerator Estimated annual total consumption (kg) of fish
Denominator Total population