Field Detail
Theme Human Development
Code HD-CUL-3.1
Sub-theme Culture
Name Existence of dedicated national cultural policy
Definition Including, but not restricted to official recognition of vernacular languages (language policy/language commission/language academy). That there exists a national culture policy with adequate resource support for implementation
Calculation/Formula Qualitative Y/N
Unit of Measure Y/N
Assumptions That culture policies are viewed as important for sustainable development
Limitations Policies formulated based of poor or outdated culture indicators
Intended Direction of change Increase
Purpose/Rationale Measures the conditions for cultural vitality (which includes preserving heritage and encouraging innovation). Measures state’s concern with protection, preservation and promotion of cultural expressions and knowledge
Policy Linkages Pacific Plan, Objective 11.1 ‘Strategy to maintain and strengthen cultural identity’
Preferred Data Sources National development plan/ policy framework
Alternative_Data Sources National Planning and sectoral agencies
Primary Data Collection System National Administrative Records - National accounts, government budgets and plans
Frequency of Data Collection Ongoing
Other agencies countries_ must report to: UNESCO
SPC Responsibility - Data Management HDP
Means of Verification (outside NSO system) National Planning and sectoral agencies
SPC Programme HDP
Numerator Qualitative Y/N