Field Detail
Theme Human Development
Code HD-CUL-3.4
Sub-theme Culture
Name National proportion of budget allocated to culture, including for protection, preservation (heritage) and promotion
Definition Total recurrent budget to Culture department as a proportion of total recurrent budget
Calculation/Formula Government recurrent budget allocated to Culture agencies / Total government recurrent budget x 100
Unit of Measure %
Assumptions Assumes data will be available from both the public, private, and community organizations - that is government annual budget support
Limitations Budgeted amount does not really reflect expenditure on integration of cultural activities into development strategies
Intended Direction of change Increase
Purpose/Rationale Measures state’s role in creating favourable conditions for cultural development
Policy Linkages National development plans. National Investment incentives
Preferred Data Sources Annual budget statements
Alternative_Data Sources Government expenditure documents
Primary Data Collection System National Administrative Records - National accounts, government budgets and plans
Economic Tag Budget
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
Other agencies countries_ must report to: UNESCO
SPC Responsibility - Data Management HDP
Means of Verification (outside NSO system) Finance/Treasury recurrent budget documents
SPC Programme HDP
Numerator Government recurrent budget allocated to Culture agencies
Denominator Total government recurrent budget
Factor x 100
Unit %