Field Detail
Theme Human Development
Code HD-GEN-1.4
Sub-theme Gender
Name Proportion of government total budget to women's department/office
Definition Total budget to Women's department as a proportion of total budget. Total budget includes funds sourced from government, donor cash or in kind support, and that sourced from loans.
Calculation/Formula Total government budget allocated to Women’s Department/Office / Total government budget x 100
Unit of Measure %
Assumptions Requires thorough budget analysis and assumes supplementary budget appropriations or reprogramming of budget items is not significant. Assumes that budget statements or appropriations contain budget estimates for government, donor and loan repayments. Assumes majority of funding for implementing national gender policy goes to national women’s department or office. Assumes government finance system has universal coverage of donor funding and in-kind donor assistance.
Limitations Budgeted amount for women’s department/division is not all expenditure for gender equality, this excludes funding to lower levels of government (province or state etc) for gender activities. Excludes gender related activities in other sectors such as health, justice, agriculture, education and infrastructure. Not all donor funding, notably that from CSOs and provided under regional assistance programmes, is included in government finance systems.
Intended Direction of change Increase
Purpose/Rationale General measure of gender equality and good governance. Tracks financial resources committed to gender equality.
Policy Linkages National Development Plans and policy frameworks
Preferred Data Sources Ministry of Finance (or equivalent) budget estimates or parliamentary appropriations.
Primary Data Collection System National legislation, Bills submitted to parliament and Acts of parliament
Economic Tag Budget
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
Other agencies countries_ must report to: UNDP Gender Development Measure
SPC Responsibility - Data Management HDP
Means of Verification (outside NSO system) Ministry/Dpt of Women
SPC Programme HDP
Numerator Total government budget allocated to women’s department/division
Denominator Total government budget
Factor x 100
Unit %