Field Detail
Theme Human Development
Code HD-Y-1.4
Sub-theme Youth
Name Youth Unemployment (m/f)
Definition Youth unemployment is the proportion of country's working age youth population that is unemployed. Employment is defined as persons 15+ years who performed any work at all for pay or profit, plus unpaid family workers, while unemployed is those who are actively looking for paid employment. 0 percent would be good as 100 percent means that all young people are estimated to be actively looking for work, meaning none employed.
Calculation/Formula "Number of youth population actively looking for paid employment/Total Youth Population in the LF [calculate separately for total, male and female]"
Unit of Measure %
Range (eg Age) 15-24 years
Assumptions That information is correctly reported in a census or survey
Limitations Labour force status may not be correctly classified during data collection as well as data coding, definitions may vary from census to census
Intended Direction of change Decrease
Purpose/Rationale Provide important information on labour market activities, peoples livelihoods, and supplementary information on poverty assessments.
Policy Linkages Youth employment and gender policies
Preferred Data Sources Census
Alternative_Data Sources Household surveys, dedicated labour force surveys
Census - HIES - DHS tag Census / HIES
Primary Data Collection System Survey - National Statistics Office
Frequency of Data Collection 5-10 years
Other agencies countries_ must report to: ILO and UNICEF on youth employment/unemployment
SPC Responsibility - Data Management SDP
Comments / Regional Trend Analysis Standard definition of labour force and economic activities not applied from census to census or survey to census, etc
Means of Verification (outside NSO system) Labour and Employment Departments and Youth Departments
SPC Programme HDP
Numerator Number of youth population actively looking for paid employment
Denominator Total Youth Population in the labour force [calculate separately for total, male and female]
Factor x 100
Unit %