Field Detail
Theme Human Development
Code HD-Y-1.7
Sub-theme Youth
Name Existence of dedicated Youth Policy
Definition Measure of mainstreaming youth across public policy and good governance. Existence of youth policies/plans and strategies in existing public and private sector policies
Calculation/Formula Qualitative Y/N
Unit of Measure Y/N
Assumptions That all public and private sector agencies have youth policies and strategies
Limitations Need access to all public/private sector policies to assess youth mainstreaming
Intended Direction of change Increase
Purpose/Rationale Evidence of government recognition of growing youth “bulge” as important development issue
Policy Linkages Regional and international youth policies and strategies
Preferred Data Sources National development plan/ policy framework
Alternative_Data Sources National Planning and sectoral agencies
Primary Data Collection System National Administrative Records - National accounts, government budgets and plans
Frequency of Data Collection Ongoing
Other agencies countries_ must report to: UNICEF
SPC Responsibility - Data Management HDP
Means of Verification (outside NSO system) National Planning and sectoral agencies
SPC Programme HDP
Numerator -
Component 1 -
Component 2 -
Component 3 -
Component 4 -
Denominator -
Factor -
Unit -