Field Detail
Theme Communication and Infrastructure
Code IT-1.2.3
MDG code MDG-8.14
Sub-theme Information Technology
Name Fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants (ITU-A2, MDG 8.14)
Definition A fixed telephone line connects the subscriber's terminal equipment to the public switched network and has a dedicated port in the telephone exchange equipment. This term is synonymous with the term main station or Direct Exchange Line (DEL) that is commonly used in telecommunication documents. It may not be the same as an access line or a subscriber. The number of ISDN channels should be included. Fixed wireless subscribers should also be included. If they are not included, this is specified in a note.
Calculation/Formula Number of fixed telephone lines / Total population x 100
Unit of Measure %
Assumptions Access to ICTs is key for economic and social development and is increasingly considered a basic right
Purpose/Rationale Measures telecommunication access, and indirectly ability of govt agencies to reach population.
Policy Linkages National development plans (infrastructure) and disaster management plans.
Preferred Data Sources Ministry of Telecommunications
Alternative_Data Sources National Telecommunications regulators, NSO, ITU
Primary Data Collection System Survey - SPC contacting national ministries and agencies
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
Other agencies countries_ must report to: ITU
SPC Responsibility - Data Management EDD
Notes Must confirm this is a household value and does not include government and business listings
SPC Programme EDD
Numerator Number of fixed telephone lines
Denominator Total population
Factor x 100
Unit %
Other Metadata Link http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Metadata.aspx