Field Detail
Theme Population and Development
Code PD-POV-1.1
MDG code MDG-1.1
Sub-theme Poverty
Name Basic Needs Poverty Rate (MDG 1.1)
Definition The national poverty rate is the percentage of the total population living below the national poverty line.
Calculation/Formula http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Metadata.aspx
Limitations National poverty lines are used to make more accurate estimates of poverty consistent with the country’s specific economic and social circumstances, and are not intended for international comparisons of poverty rates. National poverty lines tend to increase in purchasing power with the average level of income in a country.
Purpose/Rationale Measures the proportion of the population living below the national poverty line. This indicator allows for estimating income distribution unlike the income per capita measures
Policy Linkages National Development Plans and National Sustainable Development frameworks. Represents most International development agencies’ No.1 priority concern
Preferred Data Sources HIES
Census - HIES - DHS tag HIES
Primary Data Collection System Survey - National Statistics Office
Frequency of Data Collection 5 years
Other agencies countries_ must report to: UNDPPC / World Bank Poverty Reports
SPC Responsibility - Data Management SDP
SPC Programme SDP
Numerator See link
Other Metadata Link http://mdgs.un.org/unsd/mdg/Metadata.aspx