Field Detail
Code MDG-7.7
MDG code MDG-7.7
Name Species threatened with extinction (%)
Definition The indicator Changes in the Status of Species indicates the change in threat status of species in their natural habitat, based on population and range size and trends, as quantified by the categories of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Calculation/Formula IUCN RLI computation
Unit of Measure %
Purpose/Rationale The world’s species are impacted by a number of threatening processes, including habitat destruction and degradation, overexploitation, invasive alien species, human disturbance, pollution and climate change (Baillie et al 2004). This indicator measures overall changes in the extinction risk of sets of species as a result of these impacts and the extent to which they are being mitigated. The IUCN Red List Index (IUCN RLI) uses data from the IUCN Red List to show changes over time in the overall threat status (relative projected extinction risk) of representative sets of species.
Preferred Data Sources IUCN RLI
Primary Data Collection System Survey - International Agency / Global Monitoring
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
SPC Responsibility - Data Management SDP
SPC Programme SDP
Unit %
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