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Code MDG-8.12
MDG code MDG-8.12
Name Debt service (% of exports)
Definition Debt service as a percentage of exports of goods and services
Calculation/Formula "Debt service is calculated by the World Bank based on the loan-by-loan information reported by the countries to the World Bank’s Debt Reporting System (DRS). Some adjustments are made to debt service based on known HIPC debt relief commitments and other information obtained by World Bank and IMF staff. Exports of goods, services, and income come from the IMF’s Balance of Payments (BOP) database. In some cases the IMF adjusts BOP data reported by countries"
Unit of Measure %
Assumptions Debt service is the sum of principle repayments and interest payments made to non-residents in foreign currency, goods, or services. This series differs from the standard debt to exports ratios. It covers only long-term public and publicly guaranteed debt and repayments (repurchases and charges) to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Long-term refers to debt that has an original or extended maturity of more than one year. IMF repurchases are total repayments of outstanding drawings from the general resources account during the year specified, excluding repayments due in the reserve tranche. Exports of goods, services and income are the sum of goods (merchandise) exports, exports of (nonfactor) services and income (factor) receipts and do not include workers' remittances.
Preferred Data Sources World Bank Debt Reporting System / IMF Balance of Payments Database
Alternative_Data Sources IMF
Primary Data Collection System Survey - International Agency / Global Monitoring
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
SPC Responsibility - Data Management SDP
SPC Programme SDP
Unit %
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