Field Detail
Theme Population and Development
Code PD-ECD-1.1
Sub-theme Economic Development
Name Per Capita GDP per employed person (US$)
Definition Describes Average Income for a country per employed person in absolute terms
Calculation/Formula GDP current prices (market) / Total population employed
Unit of Measure US$. Conversion rule : use oanda website and the conversion rate of 31/12 of the concerned year. This GDP is given in exchange rate $ not converted in ppp$.
Limitations Does not address issues of income distribution
Purpose/Rationale Provides reasonable measure of earning ability and income available to individual persons and therefore directly linked to purchasing ability and power.
Policy Linkages National development plans
Preferred Data Sources National accounts, plus annual population estimates/projections
Primary Data Collection System National Administrative Records - National accounts, government budgets and plans
Economic Tag GDP
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
SPC Responsibility - Data Management SDP
SPC Programme SDP
Numerator GDP
Denominator Total number of persons employed
Unit $