Field Detail
Theme Population and Development
Code PD-EDU-1.9
Sub-theme Social Services Provision
Name Pupil Teacher Ratio
Definition Measures the number of students per teacher
Calculation/Formula Number of students enrolled / Number of full-time teachers
Limitations The indicator is not intended to provide a measure of class size. Schooling outcomes are determined by a number of factors.
Purpose/Rationale This indicator enables the ability of pupils to get good instruction from a teacher and is therefore directly linked to literacy levels, schooling outcomes for pupils
Policy Linkages National Development Plans, National Sustainable Development Strategies
Preferred Data Sources MOE digests
Primary Data Collection System National Administrative Records - National accounts, government budgets and plans
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
Other agencies countries_ must report to: UNESCO
SPC Responsibility - Data Management SDP
SPC Programme SDP
Numerator Number of students enrolled
Denominator Number of full-time teachers