Field Detail
Theme Health
Code PH-HS-1.6
Sub-theme Health Systems
Name Sectoral Planning capacity
Definition Statistical and planning capacity of national health system to regularly provide and interpret basic health statistics to monitor ongoing development and plan activities targeting sector priorities
Calculation/Formula Qualitative Y/N
Unit of Measure Y/N
Assumptions Requires analysis of how the sectoral plan incorporates up-to-date health statistics from the HIMS
Purpose/Rationale Important outcome to measure professional capacity, reflected in: Functional Health information system; Access to quality and timely statistics (including annual reports); Availability of health sector plans
Policy Linkages Health Sector plans
Preferred Data Sources Heath sector plan
Primary Data Collection System National Administrative Records - National accounts, government budgets and plans
Frequency of Data Collection 3-5 years
SPC Responsibility - Data Management SDP
SPC Programme PHD
Numerator Qualitative Y/N