Field Detail
Theme Health
Code PH-MH-1.7
Sub-theme Vital Statistics
Name Total Fertility Rate
Definition The average number of live births a woman would have by age 50 if she were subject, throughout her life, to the age-specific fertility rates observed in a given year. Its calculation assumes that there is no mortality.
Calculation/Formula "(The sum of the Age Specific Fertility Rates x The number of years in each age group) / 1000 Note: Age Specific Fertility Rate (ASFR) = (Number of births to women in age group i / Number of women in age group i) x 1000 "
Range (eg Age) 15-49 years
Purpose/Rationale Family size and the number of children per woman fell substantially in many countries over the twentieth century, especially after 1960, a trend that is broadly favourable for sustainable development. High fertility is associated with increased risk of maternal morbidity and mortality. In most settings, women who have several children find it more difficult to work outside the home, thus having fewer opportunities to improve their economic and social status and that of their families. Low income households with many children often find it more difficult to get out of poverty than those with less children, and high fertility societies face greater demands for services from their youthful populations.
Policy Linkages National development plans,
Preferred Data Sources Birth registration data (through health vital registration or civil registration) or Census data if registration data incomplete
Alternative_Data Sources Census
Census - HIES - DHS tag Census/DHS
Primary Data Collection System National Administrative Database - Health Information Management Systems (HIS)
Frequency of Data Collection Annual (aggregated over multiple years)
Other agencies countries_ must report to: UN DESA
SPC Responsibility - Data Management SDP
SPC Programme SDP
Numerator (The sum of the Age Specific Fertility Rates x The number of years in each age group) / 1000
Component 1 Number of births by age of mother
Component 2 Number of women of childbearing age classified by five-year age groups
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