Field Detail
Theme Communication and Infrastructure
Code T-AFD-2.1.2
Sub-theme Transport
Sub-sub-theme Aviation
Name Average cost of air freight (AU$/kg) to nearest major metropolitan hub (Defined as: Polynesia to Auckland, Central & Western Pacific to Brisbane, Northern Pacific to Guam)
Definition Affordibility - Average cost of air freight per kilogram from international airport to nearest metropolitan hub. For applicable metropolitan hub, see definition for indicator T.2.2.1
Unit of Measure AU$
Assumptions Based on average of available quotes from freight operators
Limitations Nearest metropolitan hub may not be main trading route. Quotes may not reflect prices actually achieved in negotiation by large suppliers.
Purpose/Rationale Assessment of cost of freighting to nearest major market, allowing an analysis of impacts on competitively, and impacts on import prices.
Policy Linkages National Development plans
Preferred Data Sources Airlines and Travel Agents
Primary Data Collection System Survey - SPC contacting national ministries and agencies
Frequency of Data Collection Annual
SPC Responsibility - Data Management EDD
SPC Programme EDD
Unit AU$