How we work

how we workOur work is underpinned by our deep knowledge and experience of the Pacific and of the social, environmental and economic contexts of our member countries and territories.

We mobilise the skills, resources and action of our many partners, utilising and strengthening the existing regional mechanisms to address the critical development challenges facing Pacific Island countries and territories.

We provide a regional resource of specialist technical expertise to strengthen or, in some cases, supplement regional and national capacity. These approaches have advantages of economies of scale in addressing regional and national development challenges across sectors. We also assist our members to have their voices heard at regional and global levels.

Our members value our range of expertise and the opportunities this provides for integrated and creative approaches to complex development challenges.

This is the spirit in which we embrace our work.

SPC develops systems, data and scientific research to inform evidence based decision making

SPC offers scientific advice and technical support for development outcomes

SPC provides regional governance support and coordination

SPC convenes and facilitates multi agency multi country efforts

SPC delivers training, mentoring and capacity development to empower PICTS to address their development needs

SPC hones internal collaboration and collective action for enhanced results

Our values

  • We treasure the rich and diverse cultures, traditions and environments of the people of the Pacific, and our sustainable solutions are based on a sound understanding of their strengths and needs, and of the challenges they face.
  • We are committed to adding value to the scientific and technical capacities of our members in pursuing transformational development.
  • We are committed to the principles of good governance, to the defence and promotion of gender equality and human rights, and to ensuring that the needs of the most vulnerable in our societies are at the forefront of our work.
  • We work collaboratively with existing partners and build new relationships so that the collective strength of all can be harnessed for the interests of our members.
  • We are committed to developing an organisational culture that enables our staff to continually improve their effectiveness in working for the people of the Pacific.