Julie Petit

Julie Petit
Territorial Coordinator for New Caledonia, PROTEGE Project

Julie joined SPC in November 2013 as INTEGRE Deputy Project Co-ordinator for Wallis & Futuna. She is now the PROTEGE Project Coordinator for New Caledonia. She had previously been recruited to work at CRIOBE (Island Research Centre and Environmental Observatory) as a project engineer for ReefBase French Polynesia. While based at CRIOBE, Julie worked on French overseas territory reef biodiversity and was involved in numerous projects with French Polynesian and international ministries and organisations, such as the Marine Protected Area Agency, French Coral Reef Initiative and French National Natural History Museum. Julie holds a master’s degree in the Mediterranean environment and sustainable development, majoring in aquatic and marine environment mechanisms and management, and began her career as a research assistant at the Tropical and Mediterranean Biology and Ecology Centre. She has worked for the European BIOMEX Programme and on processing and setting up various research programmes, including facilitating an international research project in the South Pacific.

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