Pacific culture is at the heart of our community

What we do:

  • Support the development of the culture sector throughout the Pacific Islands Countries and Territories;
  • Integrate culture across other development sectors (e.g. Agriculture, forestry, disaster risk management and reduction; ocean policy; tourism; conservation; education)
  • Manage the Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPac)

Who we work with:

  • The Culture programme hosts the Council of Pacific Arts and Culture, made up of the heads of culture of all PICTs, and the Ministers of Culture meetings every two years
  • With other SPC programmes, CROP and international agencies, arts and culture organisations, civil society and the private sector
  • FestPac host countries, participating nations and partners

How we work:

  • We implement the Regional Culture Strategy: Investing in Pacific Cultures 2010-2020, the guiding framework for cultural development in the Pacific which is entering its second phase
  • We provide technical assistance to the culture sector through a focus on policy, capacity building, resource mobilisation, and regional and international networking
  • We support the FestPac host country ( 13th FestPac Hawai’i in 2020) and facilitate the participation of over 22 PICTs