SDP provides technical support in the area of youth policy and youth development in the Pacific. Our range of activities has changed over the years in accordance to an independent evaluation of SPC’s portfolio of work, regional priorities, availability of resources, and the strategic developments at regional policy level.

Our current key activities include:

  • Programmatic focus on youth employment and youth entrepreneurship. SPC implements in partnership with governments the [email protected] Programme to support youth internships and youth entrepreneurship.
  • Strengthening evidence so that relevant data on youth can be collected and analysed to better understand the status of youth.
  • Engaging youth through supporting youth networks. SPC works in partnership with the Pacific Youth Council  and supports its role in advocating for increased investments in youth employment, capacity building and youth engagement. SPC also supports networks for young women, youth with disabilities, LGBTI youth, and others.
  • Providing technical assistance in youth policy development at national and regional level.

Integrating youth and their inclusion across development sectors, primarily through SPC’s scientific and technical programmes.

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