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The Pacific Fisheries Leadership programme (PFLP) funded by the New Zealand Government, is implemented by a consortium led by the Pacific Community (SPC) with the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), University of Queensland (UQ), and the Centre for Adaptive Leadership (CLA).

Selected participants will engage in a modular programme including Leadership for Effectiveness; Leadership Experience; Leadership for Change; and Coaching Support. Participants who will complete UQ courses taught at AQF Level 8  (‘Inclusive Strategic Leadership’ and ‘Leading and Managing People’) may gain credit from the University of Queensland. The programme is based on real world issues and experience and will be adapted to the context and needs of participants. 

Expected long term outcomes for the fisheries sector includes improved quality and diversity of leadership and management in priority sectoral areas and increased cooperation between relevant participants and their institutions. These objectives conform to progressing implementation of the “Regional Roadmap for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries.”

This programme is a signifcant investment by New Zealand and by the members of the consortium. As such, PFLP wants to attract not only the most relevant, but the most committed and interested participants possible

Key Elements of the Programme

  • Leadership for Effectiveness – contains two areas of coursework; Leading and Managing People and Inclusive Strategic Leadership that will be delivered over two period of 8-week, through a mix of online platforms that support both self-directed and group-based learning. The coursework includes activities that can be counted for assessment. To be eligible to receive one or two course credits towards selected University of Queensland (UQ) Business School postgraduate programs. These will each be run up to five times up to 2022.
  • Leadership Experience – opportunities for workplace attachment relevant short courses and other experiences tailored to the needs of each participant.
  • Leadership for Change – including two modules of 8-week virtual workshops and a workplace project. These will each be run up to four times up to 2022.
  • Coaching – all participants will have the option of receiving professional coaching from experienced coaches. Participants completing all elements above may expect around 18 coaching sessions
  • Note – some participants will may only engage with some of these elements of the programme.


Angela Kwapena - SPC pacific community PFLP programme.jpgThe impression of “Angela” a recent graduate of the Leadership for Effectiveness cohort 1, and participant of Leadership for Change and Leadership Experience in 2019. Angela is an inshore fisheries officer from Papua New Guinea. She has a postgraduate research certificate in scientific research :

"Since my participation in the programme I have not only discovered myself as a fisheries officer but also as a mum, wife, daughter and a sister to my family. The PFLP programme is designed to get participants to realise that there is a whole lot more to just being leaders. There are tools and many other attributes that you will learn about leadership through this programme.

I have been able to run my own mini workshops within my unit (where I work) and ( I don't usually do this) this has had a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues and superiors. The programme is transformational where it builds participants to be more confident, be attentive and understand the many important attributes to being leader.

The best thing about the PFLP programme is that each participant has an assigned coach. The coaches and the teaching team are very experienced individuals where they basically will 'crack' you until you come out of that 'shell'.

I have grown greatly since February in terms of my personality and everyday engagement with friends, colleagues and any other person(s) I now come across in life. I know  how to understand others better and help out using tools that this programme has exposed me to".

Angela K. - August 2019


Alex Herman from Cook Islands pFLP.jpgI took quite few things away from that workshop […] Becoming more aware of myself and my settings, it has helped me to be less reactive and more analytical in terms of what is happening in a situation […].

The course has really caused me to look at my approach and be more inclusive […] I don’t think I was as deliberate in doing that as I was before the course. I am grateful to have been more conscious about being more inclusive in how I try to resolve issues.”

Alex Herman, Cook Islands - August 2019

Impression from Toka (Fiji) about Leadership for Change workshop experience


Application rounds:

Leadership for Effectiveness: The application round for Leadership for Effectiveness commencing in the week beginning 21st September is now closed.

Leadership for Change: The application round for 2020 workshop is still closed. 

You can contact [email protected] for any further information.