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Life can be tough in Fiji's sugarcane growing areas, which have been hit by series of difficult events and developments in recent years. 

The Sugar Projects are working with families, farmers, businesses, schools and others to help them adapt and build a different future. 

There are a range of initiatives, each targeting areas where deep and lasting change can make all the difference. The activities are wide ranging, however all share the same goal: more prosperous, resilient sugarcane communities.

Enduring change takes time - and it also takes the passion, energy and enthusiasm of those who benefit from it.

That's why we use the Ripple symbol to represent our projects: our work starts right at the heart of communities and its impacts go well beyond those we first engage with. 

In time, effective projects take on a life and momentum of their own to bring new benefits and lasting change well into the future.

The Sugar Projects were completed in December 2018. These pages are archived. Contact