RESCCUE activity in Fiji: mangroves restauration

RESCCUE Project in a nutshell In Fiji, RESCCUE help restore some degraded ecosystems, which are crucial to build resilience to climate change, like mangroves.

RESCCUE activity in New Caledonia: Hydro Monitoring

RESCCUE Project in a Nutshell Touho, in the Nothern Province of New Caledonia, closes this trip in the heart of RESCCUE’s pilot sites. Here, fire and invasive species threaten water resources. The project supported actions such as hunting and…

RESCCUE activity in New Caledonia: Fire

RESCCUE Project in a Nutshell Now heading to New Caledonia, more precisely in the Great South where fire is one of the main threats to biodiversity and to people.

RESCCUE activity in New Caledonia: Ecological Restoration

RESCCUE Project in a Nutshell The environment of the Great South has been degraded by fire and mining. RESCCUE developed a restoration strategy for the degraded sites so as to increase consistency and efficiency of actions by the various stakeholders. 

RESCCUE activity in Vanuatu : Conservation Fund

RESCCUE Project in a Nutshell Take off to Vanuatu where RESCCUE established the North Efate Conservation Trust, financing environmental management activities.

RESCCUE activity in French Polynesia: ecological anchorage

RESCCUE Project in a nutshell For the first video of a series, we are embarking for French Polynesia, where ecological anchorages have been set up.

Fiji, Samoa and Solomon Islands highlight increasing threat of pests and diseases for Pacific agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations and Pacific Community (SPC) met with national stakeholders from Samoa, Solomon Islands and Fiji this week to discuss the serious threat of pests and diseases for Pacific agriculture.

RESCCUE Project in Vanuatu - Theme 3: Waste Management

The ocean in us: Pacific regionalism and identity as a catalyst for global ocean action

Photo credit: Cameron Diver   “Pacific peoples are the custodians of the world’s largest, most peaceful and abundant ocean, its many islands and its rich diversity of cultures” – Framework for Pacific Regionalism.

Les Outre-Mer vus par leurs acteurs: la France, 2e espace maritime, pour quoi faire ?

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