Launch of Organic Learning Farm Centre boost agroecological approaches in Nauru's agriculture sector

  Max Dowedia, farmer at the Nauru Organic Learning Farm Centre

Learn about delicious Ngali Nut Butter from Solomon Islands on World “I Grow Your Food” Day

  I Grow Your Food Day, held on September 14, 2023, invites everyone into the food conversation through organic and agroecological farmers sharing their experiences first-hand and helping citizens make their voices heard on food and food systems. 

Revolutionising agriculture in Solomon Islands: Zai Na Tina and Gwa’ufaniu Organic Farm Learning Centres launched

SPC's LRD and participant partners at the launch in Kastom Garden In a significant milestone for the development of sustainable agriculture in Solomon Islands, two organic farms were launched as organic learning farm centres yesterday at the Kastom…

Germinating a sustainable future: POETCom organic farm network ploughs the way in Tonga

Organic stakeholders become trainers: Expanding the gender and organic value chain analysis toolkit

Daphne Tudreu, co-owner of Tudreu farm in Nadi, Fiji speaks on the value chain analysis of the products on her farm

New vision through the gender lens: short film spotlighting the critical role of women in agriculture in the Pacific launches

Small-scale organic farmers trained in guarantee system for better market certification access

Presentation of organic Ngali nuts and nut butter from SolAgro to Fiji’s Minister for Agriculture and Waterways, Honourable Rayalu at the ‘Strengthen Access to Market through Organic Certification’ workshop

Pacific organic farmers meet to break down gender barriers

A meeting in Nadi, Fiji this week has brought together organic farmers from across the Pacific to identify gender barriers within organic agriculture and find solutions to best address them.

International Biodiversity Day: Build back biodiversity on our Pacific farms to help communities thrive now and in the future

Fuatino Fatiaki separating seedlings for distribution to local farmers at the Buada Research Station in Nauru

Minister reveals fully organic island plan at Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry farm tour

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