Green News: Substitutes for imported animal-feed products are being found through local production of insects for poultry farmers

By drawing inspiration from how natural ecosystems functions, a circular economy makes it possible to: create positive value loops with each use or reuse of the material or product before its final destruction, avoid depletion of natural resources by…

Protecting food security in the face of COVID-19

In a move to help boost food security as the Pacific recovers from COVID-19, The Pacific Community’s (SPC) Land Resources Division (LRD) has established two rapid response projects: The Pacific Regional Integrated Food and Nutrition Security Initiative…

Healthy Tips: Help stop the spread of COVID19

The coronavirus can contaminate surfaces for a few hours or even up to several days. The virus can then transfer to your hands and to your face. To help reduce the spread of coronavirus, wash your hands regularly with water and soap, disinfect and…

Green News: Let's not waste water, let's protect it

Did you know that a tap left open will produce nearly 20,000 Liters/day? This is the daily consumption of 70 families of 4 people.

Green News: preservation of watersheds in New Caledonia

A watershed is a geographic location where all the water drains towards the same stream or river, sea or groundwater table. Watersheds face a wide range of threats, both man-made and natural, e.g. economic activities, climate change, tropical cyclones,…

Using intercropping plants to reintroduce biodiversity on farm plots

French Polynesia is conducting trials with intercropping plants to better manage biological pests while limiting the use of fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. Julie Grandgirard, an entomologist at the French Polynesia Agriculture Department who is…

Tonga strengthens its medical laboratory handling services through certification of key officers

Tonga strengthens its medical laboratory handling services through certification of key officers  

Green News: Pacific Islands biodiversity is one of the world's most precious resources

Green News series: Pacific Islands biodiversity is one of the world's most precious resource Pacific Islands biodiversity is one of the world's most precious resource and yet, one of the most fragile. Hosting up to 75% endemic species and 5 biodiversity…

Signature of a partnership agreement between France and the Pacific Community

Photo: Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Stuart Minchin, Director General of the Pacific Community (SPC)  

Launch of the guide to organic cattle farming in New Caledonia

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