Increasing economic activity in the most isolated atolls in the Pacific

Photo © Direction des ressources marines de Polynésie française (content available in French only) Accroitre l’activité économique des atolls les plus isolés dans le Pacifique Aux Tuamotu, un projet innovant de création d’un laboratoire de…

Endangered economic treasures of the Pacific, sea cucumbers are the center of attention in New Caledonia

Photo © Matthieu Juncker (content available in French only)

Technological innovation and field training for the preservation of biodiversity

(content available in French only) L’innovation technologique et les formations terrain au service de la préservation de la biodiversité La Nouvelle-Calédonie compte plusieurs espèces envahissantes comme le cerf ou le cochon ensauvagé. La qualité de vie…

Preserve and sustainably manage sea cucumbers in New Caledonia

(content available in French only) Préserver et gérer durablement les holothuries en Nouvelle-Calédonie Les holothuries ont un rôle essentiel dans le fonctionnement du système marin. Également appelées bêches-de-mer ou concombres-de-mer, elles sont…

Green news: the first electric tiller in France is being tested in French Polynesia

To allow farmers to gain autonomy in the fa'a'apu, the Directorate of Agriculture of French Polynesia and Elatec created the first electric tiller in France!

Résilience - Invasive species, a plague for biodiversity

(content available in French only)

International Day of Epidemic Preparedness- Strengthening capacity in the Pacific region

The World Health Organisation declared International Day of Epidemic Preparedness in 2020 to create awareness around the importance of the prevention, preparedness, and partnership against epidemics especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“Keep Fishing Sustainable”: Innovative communication for engaging Wallis & Futuna communities

Besides disseminating information, many awareness campaigns aim to permanently change practices and behaviour. Changing norms can only be conceived together with local communities, often by jointly developing systems and key messaging. As new information…

Equipping schools to nurture socially responsible citizens

Imagine a violence-free Pacific where people live freely, happily, and in harmony without fear of violence/abuse (in all its forms), learning from, sharing with, and caring for one another, working towards one common goal of developing a progressive…

Résilience - Les holothuries : un trésor du Pacifique

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