Pacific Islanders Turn to Local Economies to Drive Post-pandemic Recovery

This story originally appeared on the Inter Press Service website, it has been republished here with permission. 

Resilience in the face of uncertainty critical for Pacific youth

Director Andrew Jones, Geoscience, Energy and Maritime (GEM) Division, the Pacific Community (SPC)

Strengthening Pacific communities resilience against climate change

[POSTPONED] PROTEGE 2nd Steering Committee

(event in French only)

Science is key to solving our climate change challenges

Science, and the rigorous examination and evaluation of data, is the foundation of modern society. In the harnessing of electricity, the exploration of space, the elimination of polio, or the development of the internet, to name a few examples, we have…

1er Comité de pilotage PROTEGE

​1er Comité de Pilotage Régional du projet PROTEGE. Le Projet Régional Océanien des Territoires pour la Gestion durable des Ecosystèmes (PROTEGE) est une initiative qui vise à promouvoir un développement économique durable et résilient face au changement…

Scientific models and tools for strengthened resilience action in Tuvalu

“Tropical Cyclone Pam largely affected Vanuatu which was more than 1000 KM away from Tuvalu, and yet our islands were flooded by the massive waves the cyclone generated,” Tauala Katea Director for Tuvalu Meteorological Services shared with participants…

An overview of RESCCUE’s actions in Fiji

RESCCUE Project, Fiji: "People's self-belief in strengthening their adaptive capacity and soci-ecological resilience"

The futur of food - Supporting resilient Pacific Food Systems under climate change

SPC through its Land Resources Division, is working on creating models for resilience based on sustainable food systems. This is critical to the global conversation on climate change – if small islands at the frontlines of climate change can create…

The Blue Economy for the Blue Planet

NEW CALEDONIA, Nov 20 2018 (IPS) - We live on a “blue planet” where water covers around 75 percent of the Earth’s surface. Without water we would simply not survive as a species.
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