Fisheries, Aquaculture & Marine Ecosystems (FAME)

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Pacific fisheries – leading the fleet!

The Pacific Community and the Government of New Zealand launched today an initiative called Pacific Fisheries Leadership Programme (PFLP), with an aim at enabling national and regional Pacific fisheries leaders to further empower themselves to be leaders…

Experts Responsible for World’s Largest Tuna Fisheries Come Together to Work Towards More Sustainable Management

Fishery managers from Western and Central Pacific Ocean states which collectively produce over half of the world’s tuna come together to further understanding of tuna management best practices. The Common Oceans ABNJ Tuna Project workshop series is back…

Pacific Community (SPC) Oceanic Fisheries Programme completes latest tuna tagging voyage

Staff from the Oceanic Fisheries Programme completed a significant tuna-tagging voyage in late 2017, releasing nearly 28,000 tags in the waters of PNG and Solomon Islands. The Oceanic Fisheries Programme embarked on the 50 day voyage in September 2017,…
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