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Childhood obesity, a major concern in the Pacific

Most behaviours linked to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) begin in early childhood. NCDs, such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease and cancer, are the leading cause (75%) of deaths in Pacific Island countries and territories.

Pacific youth committed to the fight against non-communicable diseases

The Launch of a Multi-sectoral National NCD Strategic Plan 2019-2023: Scaling up Action on NCD in the Solomon Islands

Non-communicable diseases (NCD) account for around 75% of all deaths in the Pacific including the Solomon Islands, creating a ‘human, social and economic crisis’ and representing a hurdle to the healthy island vision and a barrier to achieving…

Non Communicable Diseases in focus at the 13th Pacific Health Ministers meeting

The Pacific is known for its subsistence living, communal farming practices and self-sufficiency when it comes to fresh farm produce. But the region also has a growing reputation as having one of world’s highest Non-communicable disease (NCDs) rates. For…

See what youth can do

Tackling infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance through One Health

Public health is everyone’s health. It involves not just the human health system but also the health of our animals and our ecosystem. In Nadi, the regional meeting of the Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network (PPHSN, which ended on Friday (7 June…

Pacific Monitoring Alliance for NCD Action (MANA) Dashboard

MANA dashboard presentation at Pacifc Heads of Health Meeting 2018 The Pacific region is often referred to as ‘the Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) capital of the world’. The Pacific Island countries and Territories (PICTs) leaders have declared NCD to be…

Single-team approach and integrated surveillance were keys to ensure health security during 2018 MicroGames in Yap

At CRGA, SPC’s Public Health Division highlighted the innovative and successful experience of the team who conducted enhanced health surveillance and response in Yap during the 9th Micronesian Games in July 2018.

Pacific’s continued battle against substantial tobacco use and lung cancer

Pacific’s continued battle against substantial tobacco use and lung cancer   Lung cancer, chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease and premature death, these are the costs currently being paid by the Pacific as a result of the stubbornly high…

Wake up, a project for and with young Pacific people

Well-known for its landscapes, authentic and welcoming population, the Pacific region is also sadly famous because of the high rate of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are today the main cause of death in the Pacific. To help tackle this regional…
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