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Donor and Development Partner Group meeting

Regional workshop on Power Purchase Agreements & Public Private Partnerships

Fertility trends in Pacific Island Countries and Territories

Data on fertility trends in Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) are critical for addressing the current unmet need in family planning, and for improving maternal and neonatal health. Understanding fertility patterns is important for…

Fertility trends in PICTs

2nd Pacific Statistic Standing Committee (PSSC) Meeting

SPC wishes to advise members that it will convene the 2nd PSSC Meeting. PSSC was established by the 3rd Regional Conference of Heads of Planning and Statistics at its meeting in July 2010. Its main purpose is to oversee the implementation of the Ten-Year…

Populating education indicators and standardising microdata Workshop

In the Pacific region numerous administrative processes, censuses and household surveys collect education related data. These data largely remain underutilised. The long time series of underexploited education data sets presents an opportunity to fill…

NSO Web Administrators Workshop

​This workshop will bring together web administrators in charge of developing, maintaining or updating National Statistics Office websites. During a full week we will discuss the goals of such websites, how to build and maintain them using Wordpress, and…

Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) Meeting - Oct 2019

​Further information to be provided soon.

ABS Pacific Statisticians Leadership Forum

'​The annual Pacific Statisticians Leadership Forum provides an opportunity for National Statistical Office (NSO) leaders in the region to share key achievements, learn from common challenges and discuss opportunities for collaboration. The ABS has…

Pacific Regional workshop on Legal Identity & Identity Security

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