Ocean Governance in action: strengthening Pacific capacity to define and secure maritime zones

Pacific Experts and two current members of the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf during the May 2023 training in Singapore Did you know Pacific Ocean governance goes beyond the reef, beyond the horizon, and, in some cases, it can even go…

Improved ocean governance capacity for Vanuatu and Solomon Islands

Photo: Workshop taking place in Vanuatu (left) and Solomon Islands (right)  

UK reaffirms ocean governance partnership with Pacific Islands

On the 29th of July, the UK Government signed an agreement to continue their partnership with Pacific Island Countries through the UK-Pacific Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Project to secure maritime zones. The UK will contribute an additional £351,000…

Maritime zone training strengthens Fiji’s ocean governance

This week, nine technical officers from Fiji’s Maritime Affairs Coordinating Committee received specialised software training to map and define the extent of Fiji’s maritime zones, including extended continental shelf areas.

Opening Remarks at the Extended Continental Shelf Software (ECS) Training for Fiji Government 28 March 2022, Suva Fiji

Acknowledging the presence of Mr Manasa Lesuma, the Permanent Secretary of Defence, Policing and National Security; His Excellency, Dr Brian Jones, British High Commissioner to Fiji; Members of the Fiji Maritime Affairs Coordination Committee; colleagues…

Pacific to launch human rights implementation principles at the UN Human Rights Council in July

Pacific to launch human rights implementation principles at the UN Human Rights Council in July

Putting people at the heart of the human rights treaty body system

This article originally appeared on OpenGlobalRights.org. It has been reprinted here with permission.

Child rights in the Pacific: UN body concludes historic session in Samoa

In an historic extraordinary outreach session, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child met government officials, UN agencies, civil society and children to discuss the situation of children’s rights in the Pacific. “For many years, we spoke and…

The Future Pacific Island Children Want

This story originally appeared on the Inter Press Service website, it has been republished here with permission.   

An investment in children’s rights will pay dividends to Pacific communities for generations to come

Pacific Community donors see the 84th Extraordinary Outreach Session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child as a smart investment for the region’s future
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