Wake Up! Project: The youth from the Solomon Islands is taking the lead on NCDs prevention through art


Pacific NCD Youth Ambassadors: Getting youth involved in non-communicable diseases prevention and control

The Pacific Community (SPC) calls for application for the 2022 Pacific NCD Youth Ambassadors initiative. The initiative provides opportunities for the Pacific youth to share creative ideas, using their own language and creative thinking that could help…

"To stay healthy, eat your colours" - A conversation with Solène Bertrand, SPC's Non-Communicable Diseases Adviser

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Mobilising Youth to lead the fight against Non-Communicable Diseases in the Pacific

Did you know that Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) represent one of the most serious challenges to the health and wellbeing of youth in the Pacific region?   In the ‘Pacific Youth Development Framework 2014 – 2023’, young people identified NCDs as a…

Wake Up! When Pacific youth stands up for the health of their communities

For the third consecutive year, young people from different Pacific island states and territories have the opportunity to spread prevention and control messages for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) using different media, thanks to the Wake Up! Project,…

Wave movements under surveillance

This experimental device is located on the outer slope of the reef, south of Toombo Reef, near the Boulari Pass, south of the Lighthouse. The device consists of a yellow houlographic buoy 40 cm in diameter, as well as 2 orange floats.

See what youth can do

Launch of the WAKE UP! project to engage Pacific youth in prevention and control of non-communicable diseases

Video and picture: Tui

Wake up, a project for and with young Pacific people

Well-known for its landscapes, authentic and welcoming population, the Pacific region is also sadly famous because of the high rate of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are today the main cause of death in the Pacific. To help tackle this regional…

The Wake up! project explained in 5 minutes

"Wake up !" or how to engage Pacific youth in efforts to control NCDs
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