Podcast: S03-E02: Finding Tokelau's underground treasure

Tokelau is one of the smallest and most remote nations in the world, consisting of three coral atolls in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where clean drinking water is scarce. After years of research and field investigations, the Pacific Community’s…

Reflection on 2020- COVID challenges and impacts: PW Podcast S03-E01

Bula, bon jour, and welcome to a new season of the Pacific Way Podcast.

COVID-19 in the Pacific: PW Podcast Special Edition

The arrival of COVID-19 in the Pacific is changing the way the region works. In this edition of the Podcast we hear how SPC is adjusting to the crisis, while ensuring that its core work continues to progress.  LISTEN

Keeping watch on the ring of fire: PW Podcast S02-09

Papua New Guinea sits on the 'ring of fire' and has a history of volcanic activity. A volcanic eruption can be devastating to local communities, so the government is working with SPC's Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific (BSRP) to increase the…

Escape to Santo: PW Podcast S02-08

The eruption of the Manaro volcano in Vanuatu caught many off guard and forced thousands residents of villages in the area to evacuate.  Vanuatu is now working to ensure they are better prepared for these types of evacuations in the future, in part…

Preparing youth for disaster in Samoa: PW Podcast S02-07

While strong public awareness efforts about disaster preparation are underway across the Pacific, how can officials be certain they are reaching the regions most vulnerable populations? Would a 5 year old child know what to do during a disaster? How can…

Using drama to battle domestic violence: PW Podcast S02-06

Actions speak louder than words! That is the underlying theme which has inspired an innovative approach to combat violence against women and girls in the Solomon Islands.

PW Podcast S02-05: From Decca to London

New water and electricity supply schemes have been officially opened on Kiritimati Island, providing greener energy sources and improving access to clean drinking water for the local hospital and more than 400 households in the communities of Tennessee…

New Zealand extends funding partnership with Pacific Community

New Zealand’s strong commitment to supporting sustainable development in the Pacific was highlighted during a small ceremony this week, which marked the official extension of its partnership with the Pacific Community (SPC).    

PW Podcast S02-04: Pacific Surveying

Understanding where we are and where things are in relation to us has always been important.  Anyone who has ever used a smartphone app to locate themselves or search for driving directions can appreciate how widespread this technology has become, to the…
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