How is the COVID-19 impacting climate action? A conversation with Sylvie Goyet, director of the Climate Change division of SPC.

Social and Environmental Responsibility Plan produced by the Territories for the Territories


Mangrove crab fishing in New Caledonia. (image: Matthieu Juncker)

Using technology to improve the coastal fishery data collection in Wallis and Futuna

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[POSTPONED] PROTEGE 2nd Steering Committee

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Visit in New Caledonia of Mr. Sujiro Seam, Ambassador of the European Union for the Pacific

As part of his first formal visit to New Caledonia, Mr. Sujiro SEAM, Ambassador of the  European Union for the Pacific, met the main stakeholders of the territory. He notably visited some of the projects funded by the European Development Fund (EDF),…

PROTEGE: Regional Coconut Sector Workshop in French Polynesia

Coconut trees have the potential to provide sustainable incomes for rural communities on many Pacific islands where formal employment is rare and there are no other types of market production and could also serve as a core driver of the region’s economic…

New Caledonia: A network of agroecology demonstration farms in the Pacific

(photo: S. Mérion) The goal is to encourage an agro-ecological transition to bring about climate-change-adapted and biodiversity-friendly farming, particularly organic. One of the approaches chosen to reach that goal is to set up a regional network of…

PROTEGE enters its operational phase

PROTEGE (“Pacific Territories Regional Project for Sustainable Ecosystem Management” or “protect” in French) is an initiative designed to promote sustainable and climate-change-resilient economic development in the European Pacific overseas countries and…

1er Comité de pilotage PROTEGE

​1er Comité de Pilotage Régional du projet PROTEGE. Le Projet Régional Océanien des Territoires pour la Gestion durable des Ecosystèmes (PROTEGE) est une initiative qui vise à promouvoir un développement économique durable et résilient face au changement…
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