Launch of the guide to organic cattle farming in New Caledonia

Green News: The role of ecosystem-service-providing plants in agricultural plots

Green News Series: Ecosystem-service-providing plants The ecosystem-service-providing plants in agricultural plots:

An innovative helicopter data acquisition campaign on water resources in Poum

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Water for the children of Futuna

A dream come true "On Futuna, the water is not safe to drink. While there are still problems for the whole community to have access to safe drinking water, at least our children will be able to drink clean water at school and work under better conditions…

PROTEGE: A network of agroecology demonstration farms in the Pacific OCTs

The EDF-11-funded PROTEGE project has not escaped the health crisis. Regional activities have been particularly hard hit by border closings and the implementation of PROTEGE activities has been significantly delayed by COVID-19.

How is the COVID-19 impacting climate action? A conversation with Sylvie Goyet, director of the Climate Change division of SPC.

Social and Environmental Responsibility Plan produced by the Territories for the Territories


Mangrove crab fishing in New Caledonia. (image: Matthieu Juncker)

Using technology to improve the coastal fishery data collection in Wallis and Futuna

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[POSTPONED] PROTEGE 2nd Steering Committee

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