Opening Remarks by Martin Chong at the Regional Community-Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) Workshop

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues, and valued community members, Welcome to our important gathering today, where we focus on the critical role of Community-Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) in sustaining the vibrant coastal fisheries that…

LRD Research in Focus: Meet Sarlesh Kumar – Field Coordinator for the Pacific Awareness and Response to the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Project

1- Could you briefly describe your academic or professional background and how it has led you to pursue research within SPC?

Food trade database developed through regional network and partnerships for future food system sustainability

Moli’s Dream – Building care and community through cocoa in Vanuatu

“We live in a world of disaster,” states Moli Lui flatly, standing underneath the shade and leathery oblong pods of a cocoa tree on his sprawling farm on the thick and leafy patch of green that is Malo Island in the Northern reaches of Vanuatu. “When…

Soil for Livelihoods: Meet Dr. Uta Stockmann, lead on soil sampling in response to the 2022 Tonga volcano eruption

Meet Dr Uta Stockmann, Team Leader Proximal Sensing, at the Commonwealth S

Keeping us all fed – The Pacific Food System

The term ‘food systems’ refers to interconnected activities involved in the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food.  They are enormously complex and important. And while food systems are now globally influenced, their impacts…

Podcast S04-E03: Growing 'Green Gold' in the Pacific

Podcast S04-E03: Growing 'Green Gold' in the Pacific As the Pacific region looks towards a post COVID economy, the potential of cocoa is seen as a valuable resource for small hold farmers. Known by local farmers as green gold, the quality of Pacific…

Fiji farmers train in soil management for food, ecosystems, and climate change

Farmers on Fiji’s Taveuni island are set to broaden and deepen their soil knowledge and skills to contribute to long-running regional efforts to support food production, healthy ecosystems, and climate change mitigation.

Year-round vegetables target of training for boosting farmer output and markets

A training on an innovative technology that could potentially transform the region’s high value vegetable market was held for agriculture extension officers in Nadi, Fiji this week. The Australian-funded ‘Integrating protected cropping systems into…

Ellen, a soil scientist at SPC: “There is a bigger role for Pacific women to play in the scientific world”

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