Flowing forward - Marshall Islands schools' drinking water project

To increase students' access to safer drinking water, the Republic of Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority (RMI EPA), supported by the Pacific Community (SPC), is piloting the construction of drinking water stations in six Majuro schools.…

Pilot sites for coconut rhinoceros beetle control

New Zealand High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, His Excellency, Mr  Peter Zwart (Right) paid a visit to  one of the pilot demonstration sites for the invasive coconut rhinoceros beetle. 

Pacific Island countries come together to discuss water scarcity

Water is essential for life, but it is a scarce resource in many Pacific Island countries. Climate change adds to the undersupply, with rising sea levels threatening freshwater supplies.

Upskilling and empowering Solomon Islander youth to work in the hospitality sector

19 young women in Solomon Islands are embarking on internships in the hospitality sector this week - bringing them one step closer to finding work and providing for themselves and their families. These young women are part of the Pacific Youth Engagement…

Addressing the mosquito menace in the Pacific

From 2012 to April 2023, a total of 98 reported mosquito-borne viral infection outbreaks and circulation have been reported by Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs). Seventy-two per cent (71/98) were dengue fever, twelve per cent (12/98) were…

Understanding antimicrobial resistance in the Pacific

Equipping teachers to improve the region’s literacy standards

SPC celebrating the International Day of Education 2024 The Pacific Community (SPC), in partnership with the Ministry of Education Fiji and the Teachers to Leaders (T2L) team, launched the PILNA TV videos during the International Day of Education…

Second notice and call for abstracts: Towards an action plan to minimise the impacts of Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle and other major insect pests of coconut in the Pacific Islands

Kiritimati Island hosts the first Pacific Groundwater Gallery Knowledge Exchange

Keeping Papua New Guinea's borders safe from the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle invasion: Protecting the 'Tree of Life'

As the plant protection officer for the New Guinea Island region in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Thecla Gauf and her colleagues work hard to keep their region safe from invasive pests like the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB), which is wreaking havoc in…
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