Online Workshop to support Pacific Journalists

A series of online trainings to support Pacific media to report on gender equality and the role of women in economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, commenced this week. Supported by the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS), the Pacific…

14th Triennial Conference to highlight and advance women’s role in decision-making processes

Understanding the patriarchal social system is crucial to addressing the need for more women as decision-makers at the community level. 

Nadroumai Women set agroforestry standard for the future 

The Nadroumai Women’s Club in Western Viti Levu convened on the coral coast, last week, to celebrate a successful agroforestry project that will provide benefits for future generations. The project, “Enhancing value-added products and environmental…

French Polynesia set to host 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and 7th Meeting of Pacific Ministers for Women

The threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in unwinding progress towards gender equality will be a focus of the 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and 7th Meeting of Pacific Ministers of Women, to be hosted by French Polynesia next month. The…

International Women’s Day, 2021: To Lead is to Serve — A Pacific Woman’s Perspective

This story originally appeared on the Inter Press Service website, it has been republished here with permission.  The following opinion piece is part of series to mark International Women’s Day March 8.

14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and 7th Meeting of Pacific Ministers for Women

SPC will be convening the 14th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women and the 7th Meeting of the Pacific Ministers for Women which will bring together decision-makers, development partners, research institutions and civil society organisations. The events…

Ministers for Women Meeting

Sustainable workforce promoting equal opportunities for Pacific women in Maritime

More than 50% of Pacific people live in outer islands. Maritime transport is the backbone of their island economies and communities. The importance of maritime transport in the Pacific has become increasingly critical during this time of COVID-19. This…

Q&A with the Gender and Value Chains Advisor for Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community (POETCom), Flavia Ciribello

Women contribute significantly to their nation’s economies. In the Pacific, this overarches the formal, informal, subsistence and domestic labour activities; yet economically, their contribution often remains invisible or overlooked.

Pacific Women lead the region in combating deforestation and forest degradation

Loraini’s story of becoming one of few female Forestry Technicians in the Pacific
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