New agreement boosts vital scientific collaboration in the Pacific

A new agreement between UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO) and the leading scientific and technical organisation in the Pacific region, The Pacific Community (SPC), will boost ocean science collaboration for the world's…

Ocean Science Fact: Marine heat waves are not only destructive, they can also lead to massive ecosystem changes

Marine heat wave, combined with ocean warming, can lead to substantial ecosystem changes. Following the 2011 marine heatwave, a kelp forest ecosystem along 100 kilometres of Western Australia’s coastline completely collapsed. High water temperatures…

UN Ocean Conference

Scaling up Ocean Action Based on Science and Innovation for the Implementation of Goal 14: Stocktaking, Partnerships and Solutions 

SIDE EVENT: A Sustainable Blue Pacific Continent – Scaling up action through Ocean Science, Policy and Traditional knowledge

Ocean Science Fact: Sea level rise is not only due to melting glaciers

Did you know that sea level rise is not only due to melting glaciers? About one third of today’s sea level rise is due to thermal expansion of the ocean – as the ocean warms, water expands and takes up more space. The other two-thirds come from shrinking…

Ocean Science Fact: Sea level rise will increase two to seven times this century

Global mean sea level (GMSL) is rising and the phenomenon is accelerating. Indeed, last century (1901-2000) GMSL rose by 15cm, whereas predictions for the 2011-2100 period are an additional 30 cm to 110 cm, depending on the area and the carbon emission…

Ocean Science Fact: Did you know that the Pacific Ocean is the climate’s main regulator?

The Pacific Ocean is the world’s heat engine, having a crucial role in regulating weather and the climate (think of El Niño!). The ocean influences weather and climate by storing solar radiation, redistributing heat and moisture around the globe, and…

A Fisheries Science Vessel for the Pacific

PCCOS is working with SPC's Fisheries, Aquaculture and Maritime and Geoscience, Energy and Maritime Divisions, along with external partners and collaborators on the acquisition of Fisheries Science Vessel for the Pacific.

The Pacific Community Centre for Ocean Science (PCCOS) Brochure

World Ocean's Day

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