Launching the Pacific Data Hub: a one-stop shop

    This post originally appeared on the DevPolicy Blog. It has been reprinted here with permission Launching the Pacific Data Hub: a one-stop shop  by Jonathan Kings, Stuart Minchin

Geospatial solutions help improve statistics in the Pacific

Cartography is an integral part of household census and survey cycles. Traditionally, maps have been used to help with field enumeration and to spatially represent aggregated results and indicators for analysis and dissemination.

Launching the one-stop-shop for Pacific Data: a blog by Jonathan Kings and Stuart Minchin

Data and statistics about the Pacific are not easy to find unless you know where to look, or they’re your own. Often they can be fragmented, and tangible results from others’ research, projects or development work are hard to compare. It’s an issue…

Pacific Data Hub to make data accessible for all

Pacific Governments, agencies, donors and civil society now have a central source of reliable and current data to help them to make decisions that affect Pacific Islanders. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) has backed The Pacific Community…

Launch of the Pacific Data Hub

​Pacific Data Hub To Make Data Accessible For All. This unique gateway will provide governments, agencies, donors and civil society with a central source of reliable and current data from the Pacific.  ​

From beta to production: The Pacific Data Hub prepares for public launch

The offices of the Pacific Data Hub (PDH) are in full swing. The programme team has been working round the clock for almost two years to create the central repository of open data and knowledge products about the Pacific region and is now preparing for…

UNDP-SPC partnership set to make immediate impact on quality and accessibility of Pacific data

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Pacific Community (SPC) today launched a new partnership which will strengthen regional efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support the national development…

A one-stop source for information on disasters and other external shocks in the Pacific region

The Pacific Data Hub (PDH), an initiative of the Pacific Community (SPC), is a response to the lack of reliable, timely and easily accessible data in the Pacific region, which is particularly challenging in times of crisis and natural disasters. The PDH…

Pacific Data Hub (PDH)

Red Alert for Blue Planet and Small Island States

This story originally appeared on the Inter Press Service website, it has been republished here with permission. 
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