National Statistical Office (NSO)

SPC Inside: Learn more about governance in the context of official statistics in the Pacific

The Pacific Statistics Methods Board (PSMB) and Pacific Statistics Standing Committee (PSSC) both had meetings recently in Noumea. This short video explains how these statistics governance bodies and the Pacific Community are contributing to…

2020 World Round of Population and Housing Censuses Pacific Island countries’ census planning meeting

​International recommendations/standards, contemporary technologies and regional cooperation Pacific National Statisticians, Census Commissioners/Directors, in-country Census Data Users, as well as invited technical assistance providers, and development…

NSO Web Administrators Workshop

​This workshop will bring together web administrators in charge of developing, maintaining or updating National Statistics Office websites. During a full week we will discuss the goals of such websites, how to build and maintain them using Wordpress, and…

12th Pacific Statistics Steering Committee (PSSC12)

​Heads of national statistical organisations (NSOs) in the Pacific, together with
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