SPC’s 75th anniversary: 75 years of support in collection, analysis and dissemination of official statistics in the Pacific region

Since SPC’s establishment in 1947, the Organisation has been assisting the Pacific Island Counties and Territories in collecting, analysing and disseminating official statistics.

Data Analysis & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

​Contact: Alison Culpin, Social Statistics Adviser, SPC's Statistics for Development Divison (SDD) | [email protected]

Embracing Open Data

What is open data? why is it important? and how can open data, along with data analysis and dissemination support good governance and inform government decision making in the Pacific?

🔎 What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is the process of developing answers to questions or issues through the examination and interpretation of data. It involves presenting data findings in a way that supports policy and decision making and is easy to interpret, In short, data…

Tuna stomachs: Is the glass half full, or half empty?

For some of us, fishing is a bit like playing bingo: you need to be lucky, but unlike bingo, with experience and scientific knowledge you can increase your chances of winning the fishing competition or putting the catch of the day on the menu. The…

Economic Statistics For The 2030 Agenda: Where Does The Pacific Stand

Photo: Pixabay / Julius Silver This blog was originally published on https://www.unescap.org/blog/economic-statistics-2030-agenda-where-does-pacific-stand

Samoa Data Dissemination Workshop

​The objective of the Data Dissemination workshop is to help improving the collection, compiling and disseminating disability statistics to inform evidence based decision and development strategic planning  targeting people with disability in Samoa. ​…
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