Navigating our vast Blue Pacific safely

Because of its remoteness and the number of small islands scattered over a vast ocean, the Pacific region relies on Maritime Transport as the lifeblood of its communities. However, the rich marine resources and picturesque landscape of the Pacific…

Regional Maritime meetings

​Regional Maritime meetings in Port Vila, Vanuatu from 22-25 July 2019 at the occasion of the first visit of the IMO Secretary General in the Pacific.  

Safer Seas, Cleaner Oceans: The PIDSS program

For centuries, pacific people have travelled across the vast oceans using traditional canoes and other means of transportation. Today hundreds of thousands of people are dependent on sea and shipping services for business, inter-island travel or just the…

Cook Islands maritime industry calls for action to reduce greenhouse emissions

The Cook Islands Ministry of Transport, together with national ship operators, port operators and stakeholders have called for greater initiative in energy efficient operations to reduce greenhouse gasses. The call was made at the first National Workshop…

2019 Tide Prediction Calendars Released

More than 1,800 Tide Prediction Calendars for 23 Pacific locations were distributed this week to National Meteorological Service offices and other coastal users around the region. These annual calendars are a popular product of the Australian-funded…

Les Outre-Mer vus par leurs acteurs: la France, 2e espace maritime, pour quoi faire ?

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Breaking Stereotypes in Solomon Islands Maritime Sector: Diana’s Dream

Meet Diana Hill Su’ulisau, one of the inspiring Pacific Island women leading the way in changing mindsets of men and women in society by choosing a career path in Solomon Islands Maritime sector. Diana used to work for one of the local banks in the…

Regional Training for Implementation of the Casualty Investigation Code

Opening: Thierry Nervale- Deputy Director Oceans and Maritime Media photo op:  10am 

World Maritime Day 2018 

Solomon Islands strengthens maritime safety

Improving the safety of Solomon Islands' Honiara port was in focus this week as the capital’s maritime stakeholders met to identify the risks and hazards affecting the Port of Honiara. This was the first meeting of the sort held in the Pacific Island…
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