Safer Seas, Cleaner Oceans: The PIDSS program

For centuries, pacific people have travelled across the vast oceans using traditional canoes and other means of transportation. Today hundreds of thousands of people are dependent on sea and shipping services for business, inter-island travel or just the…

Breaking Stereotypes in Solomon Islands Maritime Sector: Diana’s Dream

Meet Diana Hill Su’ulisau, one of the inspiring Pacific Island women leading the way in changing mindsets of men and women in society by choosing a career path in Solomon Islands Maritime sector. Diana used to work for one of the local banks in the…

Niue Tide Gauge

Niue Tide Gauge

Zoom - Quality management for Samoa’s shipping fleets

Like much of the Pacific region, Samoa relies on shipping for transport and for trade. Keeping up-to-date with the latest shipping processes and services is vital. Effective services help the country make the most of the fast-growing, highly-competitive…
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