COVID-19: Pacific Community Updates

This page will be regularly updated as new information is received  The COVID-19 (COrona VIrus Disease 2019) outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020. Globally, nations are taking actions to reduce and …

Pacific alliance to combat mosquito-borne diseases

Photo: Oni Lewakulati (Fiji) separating female mosquitoes from males in the QIMR Berghofer Mosquito Control Lab. - Credit: PacMOSSI   This content has been shared here with permission and was originally published on QIMR Berghofer website.  

ABC Radio: Coronacast Pacific - Testing still key to controlling COVID in the Pacific

Testing has been one of the critical elements in global efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. Dr Eka Buadromo is the Advisor for Laboratory Services in the Pacific, for the Pacific Community. She says now that borders are open and there is community…

New in-country COVID-19 testing now allows for early intervention in Kiribati

The newly established RT-PCR molecular container laboratory in Kiribati has achieved its final validation from the Doherty Institute in December indicating readiness in the diagnosis and management of COVID-19 and the application of its technology. This…

Microbiology training to strengthen AMR Surveillance & Control & shipping of infectious substances training

​Microbiology Training to Strengthen AMR Surveillance and Control and IPC in Fiji (Labasa): 03 – 14 August 2020

Microbiology Training to strengthen AMR Surveillance & Control and IPC

​Microbiology Training to Strengthen AMR Surveillance and Control and IPC in Fiji (Lautoka): 12-23 October 2020

Shipping of Infectious Substances

Armyworm infestation breaches the Pacific

​The recent spread of Spodoptera frugiperda, or Fall Armyworm (FAW), in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province is causing concern in the Pacific region.  Fall armyworm is a pest that preys on food crops such as maize (corn), sweet potato, vegetables, and…

Shipping of Infectious Substance Training

Workshop 2 on the development of the ‘Manual on surveillance and control of Aedes vectors in the Pacific’

The specific objectives of the Manual are: An easy-to-follow reference guide for surveillance and control of Aedes vectors that is appropriate to the various contexts of Pacific Island countries and territories A document that can serve as a reference…
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