Reporting to reusing: How satellite buoys from the purse seine fishery can benefit local communities

Industrial fishing is often singled out when it comes to issues of sustainability and responsible management of natural resources. More and more projects and laws are being put forward to reduce environmental impact and encourage industries to use more…

The Pacific Community is deploying for the first time recycled satellite buoys from drifting FADs

In a groundbreaking action to combat marine pollution, the Pacific Community (SPC) announces the inaugural deployment of recycled buoys from drifting Fish Aggregating Devices (dFADs) in their region, starting with the waters of New Caledonia. This marks…

Transforming tuna fisheries data into scientific advice: explained by Raijeli and Jemery, two of the Pacific Community's scientists.

The Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) Scientific Committee (SC) gathers annually, standing as one of the two pillars supporting the annual assembly of the WCPFC  in December. As at its first meeting in 2005, the SC continues to…

Jelly-FAD trial in the Pacific: A step towards sustainable fisheries

Better safe than sorry: Raising awareness about sea safety in Pohnpei

Giving diamondback to the community: Nauru small boat fishers learn to target alternative species safely

Photo: The presence of diamondback squid in Nauru has been confirmed. Image: ©William Sokimi, SPC   This story has been compiled as part of the Pacific Community's Fisheries Newsletter #169

Anchored FAD benefit for Cook Islands

Following COVID-19, Cook Islanders have become more reliant on fishing for their local food security. The use of anchored fish aggregating devices (aFAD) is helping to take pressure off in-shore fish species.

The Pacific paves the way for strong collaboration in tuna fishing scientific research

Photo: SPC Observer database  Innovative science to quantify the drifting fish aggregating devices in the world’s largest tuna fishery.

Launching of the Drifting FADs campaign

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