Fisheries Story: A large-scale tuna sampling operation organised by SPC fisheries scientists

On Wednesday 2nd June 2021; a large-scale tuna sampling operation mobilised eight SPC fisheries science staff for an intense day cutting through 70 skipjack and yellowfin tuna from Papua New Guinea (PNG). In early April 2021, SPC staff gave detailed…

Fisheries Story: Total participants receiving SPC Fisheries Training in the Pacific from 2016 - 2020

Fish is one of the main sources of income for Pacific countries, including for coastal communities. Capacity Building is therefore crucial to help them sustainably manage this valuable resource. From 2016 to 2020, fisheries officers, observers, NGOs,…

Fisheries Story: Charles Cuewapuru, a New Caledonian observer, just received training on advanced biological sampling from SPC

Charles Cuewapuru is an experienced New Caledonian observer, who has been working at sea on longliners since 2002. SPC’s FAME Division recently trained him in advanced biological sampling techniques. Since then, Charles has been collecting high quality…

17th Regular Session of the WCPFC Commission

SPC Tuna Tagging

L’étude des thons du Pacifique se poursuit

Image : Les différentes campagnes menées depuis 2006 ont permis de marquer 450 000 spécimens. Cet article, originalement publié dans le marin, a été reposté ici avec permission. Le covid-19 n’aura pas raison du programme de marquage de thons mené par la…

Tuna tagging helps Pacific islands face uncertain future

    This story originally appeared on the World Ocean Initiative website, it has been reposted here with permission  

11 September, 2020 - Giulia's Tuna Tagging Adventure Continues

Now at the halfway point of the 2020 Pacific Tuna Tagging expedition, Giulia Anderson reports on their progress as they chase schools of tuna across the vast waters of Kiribati's EEZ and the Phoenix Islands Protected Area.   As an early career scientist…

COVID Thrusts Local Marine Scientist Into High Seas Adventure

Napo'opo'o native, Giulia Anderson, is a young fisheries molecular geneticist who has suddenly found herself as an integral part of a 7-week research expedition to monitor the health of world’s largest tuna fishery, which

(VIRTUAL) 16th Regular Session of the Scientific Committee of the WCPFC

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