Hot off the press: Why our future relies on health of our ocean

The Pacific Community presents a selection of products published by SPC and our partners highlighting the important scientific and technical work that we are currently undertaking across the Blue Pacific Continent. Why do we need a Centre for Ocean…

Keeping us all fed – The Pacific Food System

The term ‘food systems’ refers to interconnected activities involved in the production, processing, distribution, and consumption of food.  They are enormously complex and important. And while food systems are now globally influenced, their impacts are…

Stat of the week: 53% of Papua New Guinea's total final energy consumption comes from renewable sources

Did you know? 53% of Papua New Guinea's total final energy consumption comes from renewable sources.    

Green News: Vanuatu’s push for legal protection from climate change wins crucial

In 2021 Vanuatu announced its intention to seek an advisory opinion by the international court of justice on the rights of present and future generations to be protected from climate change.

Keeping Pacific biodiversity SAFE

From the dew-splashed blade of grass and dampened soil from which it springs, to the tiny critters crawling around its base targeted by winged spies looking for their next meal; a vibrant web of life emerges called an ecosystem.

Pacific-led emergency management system helping community policing in Vanuatu

Illicit substances, particularly methamphetamine and cannabis (marijuana) are overwhelming many Pacific Island communities. For the island nation of Vanuatu, the cultivation of marijuana has become a concern for law enforcement and families. Corporal…

Online para-vet training steps up for Pacific livestock health

Animal health officers are the eyes and ears of veterinarians in many Pacific countries where there are few or no veterinarians. They safeguard livestock health and provide essential regional animal disease surveillance. However, as they are not fully…

1983, the year that changed everything: The Pacific Community at 75

Photo: 1983, Pacific Community (SPC) annual Conference held in Saipan (Mariana Islands) - Credit: SPC   The Pacific Community turned 75 on the 6th of February 2022. As we mark 75 years of the Pacific Community’s Service to the region, on the 6th of each…

Hand hygiene auditor training for a standardized approach

Infection, prevention, and control (IPC) focal points from Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Kiribati, and Solomon Islands successfully completed a 10-hour hand hygiene Gold standard auditors training. They are now recognised as the first cohort of IPC focal points…

SPC's 75th anniversary: In October 1977, the very first SPC's tagging cruise commenced

In October 1977 the first SPC tagging cruise commenced. Over the next three years the programme tagged 160,276 fish in all – far beyond the original projections of 100,000 – and visited the waters of every SPC member country, even Pitcairn.
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