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Quality Education Data – a Key Priority for Fiji

Education data is a key instrument for the Pacific to monitor progress against established national and regional benchmarks and to alignourselves with international standards. To help strengthen the quality of data on the status of education in Fiji, the…

PacREF MEL 'Learning' Workshop

The two-day learning event is to allow for partners in the PacREF to share their experiences from implementing their various activities to improve Pacific education. The lessons shared from the exercise should serve to inform and improve future practice…

Education stakeholders undertaking review of professional standards for the Pacific

A file picture of a ni-Vanuatu teacher at Central College guiding a student. A revised regional teacher competency standards will serve as an important support instrument for the Pacific's teaching profession.

Report capturing key performance indicators of Pacific education shows progress, but serious challenges remain 

What are the education realities for Pacific learners? Do the education systems of Pacific nations deliver quality education? Are most students achieving the expected learning outcomes, or are too many of them falling behind? Are Pacific students being…

Pacific Regional Education Framework founded on ‘traditional communal’ practices

Photo: A primary school teacher during class in Vanuatu Regional education framework echoes traditional communal ethos

Pacific Education: Good data is essential for making sound decisions and monitoring progress

Good education data is essential for Pacific Education systems to gauge the impact of education policies and make sound education decisions. The data is also needed to calculate PIC’s progress toward achieving the targets of SDG4 and the Pacific Regional…

PacREF Design Workshop on Student Outcomes and Wellbeing

PacREF Design Workshop on Quality and Relevance

PacREF Design Workshop on Learning Pathways

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