Strengthening multilingual learning in Pacific classrooms

Pacific cultures, oral traditions and languages are the mainstay of the region’s way of living and being. The Pacific Way of life and strong oral traditions have been critical to sharing knowledge and culture for generations and therefore education,…

International Accreditation in Education Can Bring Huge Benefits to the Pacific- If It Is Done Right

This story originally appeared on the Inter Press Service website, it has been republished here with permission.  International Accreditation in Education Can Bring Huge Benefits to the Pacific- If It Is Done Right By Michelle Belisle

Consultation on the Revitalization of the University Consortium of Small Island States (UCSIS) - Pacific Region

Online consultation of the SIDS Higher Education Institutions on the revitalization of University Consortium of Small Island States (UCSIS) - Pacific Region

Dr Michelle Belisle, Director of the Educational Quality and Assessment Programme (EQAP) , SPC, Opening Remarks at Regional Education Finance Data Virtual Workshop

Hello everyone, it is indeed a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you, education statistics & finance officers and Senior Officials of Education to our annual Pacific regional workshop on Education Statistics. I will first take this opportunity …

Pacific Regional Education Framework founded on ‘traditional communal’ practices

Photo: A primary school teacher during class in Vanuatu Regional education framework echoes traditional communal ethos

Samoa’s new Tool Development Unit completes Phase 1 of three-month training 

A team of education officers in Samoa has completed the first phase of a three-month training programme in the development of test instruments facilitated by the Pacific Community (SPC).   

Pacific Education: Regular development training for teachers is key for enhancing student learning

Pacific Board for Educational Quality annual meeting

​The Pacific Board for Educational Quality, the CRGA sub-committee ​that governs the Educational Quality and Assessment Programme, will convene online on September 2. The board comprises of the Pacific heads of education systems and representatives of…
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