Food consumption in Solomon Islands: based on the analysis of the 2012/13 household income and expenditure survey

Stat of the week: Prevalence of undernourishment in the Solomon Islands

It is estimated that the habitual food consumption of 13.2% of the Solomon Islands population is insufficient to provide the dietary energy levels required to maintain a normal active and healthy life.

Stat of the week: median duration of breastfeeding for children born in the Solomon Islands

18.8 months is the median duration of breastfeeding for children born in the Solomon Islands (2015 Demographic and Health Survey). Explore more data: 

Empowering seaweed farmers to develop new products in Solomon Islands

“Cottonii” seaweed is the traditional name of farmed seaweed in the Solomon Islands, a country made of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands located in the Pacific region. With a population of over seven hundred thousand, it has a GDP per capita…

Pacific Education: Outsourcing the development of examination papers

For many Pacific island countries, the development of examination papers for its high-stakes national examinations is usually outsourced by their education ministries to subject experts in their tertiary institutions. Last year proved a challenge as…

Stat of the week: COVID-19 vaccination in the Pacific Island Countries and Territories

As of 30 March 2021 a little over 260k doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in 12 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (Am. Samoa, Fiji, Fr. Polynesia, Guam, Marshall Ils, FSM, New Caledonia, Mariana Ils, Palau, PNG, Solomon Islands,…

Stat of the week: Remittances in the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands recorded a 67.5% drop in remittances in Q2 2020 compared to Q2 2019. Explore more data:

REDD+ breathes new life into Pacific forests

Forests are called “the lungs of the earth” for good reason: their ability to draw in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen cleans our air and helps regulate the climate. Tropical rainforests, such as those found in the Pacific, are particularly…

Pacific’s Tree of Life faces growing pest threat

In the Pacific, coconut is king. It charms visitors to our shores, as well as commands the respect of Pacific Islanders that depend on it for their livelihood. Known regionally as the ‘tree of life’, every part is used, from its tallest frond down to its…

Stat of the week: access to resources and markets for small-scale fisheries

Photo: F. Milovac, SPC
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