Green News: Nature can provide cost-effective long-term solutions

Nature can provide cost-effective long-term solutions, like vetiver grass, to adapt to #climaterisks. With its net of deep roots, which grow up to a length of 2 meters in the first year, vetiver grass helps address erosion in places where soil can easily…

Our Ocean 2020 Conference

​Areas of Action The ocean gives us life. We rely on it for food, livelihoods, climate resilience and recreation. Ensuring the longevity of our planet’s life force requires decisive and collective action. Our Ocean 2020 will focus on six Areas of Action…

Pacific NDC Dialogue - Enhancing and Implementing the Pacific SIDS Commitments to the Paris Agreement through Energy Transformation

​IRENA, in partnership with UK COP26 Presidency and the Regional NDC Pacific Hub, will be hosting the virtual COP26 Climate Dialogue in the Pacific that will include PSIDS and the development partners.
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