"I grew up surrounded by flowers and crops. Now I run the largest plant gene bank in the Pacific"

World Food Day: Tonga taps tradition and the Pacific’s Tree of Life to feed communities and secure livelihoods

As the global community celebrates World Food Day 2021 on October 16 with the theme of “our actions are our future”, one project in Tonga is ensuring the future of local communities by building on the harvest of traditional food through youth.

Building the future of Pacific Food Systems

The Food Systems Summit held on September 23 in New York was an opportunity for the world to come together to find solutions to one of the major challenges of our generation: transforming the systems that make it possible to produce and consume food in a…

Securing the future with traditional knowledge

In Tonga, community elders are passing down the ancient art of carving canoes to help the youth build sustainable livelihoods. Video produced by Alexandre Brecher, Corporate Communications Office

Passing on farming traditions to protect food systems

In Tonga, a local organization is setting up organic farming projects to enable young people to learn from elders how to generate some revenue while protecting the country's food systems.   Video produced by Alexandre Brecher, Corporate Communications…

New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna are committed to sustainable and resilient food systems

photo credit: Marama Production The PROTEGE project is working with the authorities of New Caledonia, French Polynesia, and Wallis and Futuna to develop strategic and operational plans on food system sustainability to ensure more resilient food systems…

A glimpse into the Pacific food systems

  Discover the specificities of food systems in the Pacific region, why they are particularly fragile, and the role of the island communities in protecting them. Video produced by Alexandre Brecher, Corporate Communications Office

Pacific Food Systems

The future of food and food systems in the Pacific will play a key role in supporting the region, the planet’s recovery and revival from COVID-19, and the long-term health, resilience and prosperity of the Pacific people. The first United Nations Food…

The Food Systems Summit 2021

The Summit The UN Food Systems Summit will serve as a historic opportunity to empower all people to leverage the power of food systems to drive our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and get us back on track to achieve all 17 Sustainable Development…

Hot Off the Press: Food Systems in the Pacific

A bumper issue of the Pacific Community recently released publications list includes several publications related to food systems and diet in the Pacific.
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